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Beautiful Spa Healer Article in AsiaSpa Magazine by Mischa Moselle

November- December 2018

I first met the delightful and vibrant Teresa at the Anantara Peace Haven Resort in Tangalle Sri Lanka. Teresa was the resident yoga teacher there for 2 months.

Attending her yoga classes, one immediately feels a sense of caring and comfort. Her experience as a teacher shines through and you are taken on a journey that is so beneficial and powerful to your mind body and spirit

Each posture each step is explained in detail and with her amazing wisdom you are carried through with a complete feeling of trust and love

I was also grateful to have a private one on one with Teresa which highlighted postures almost custom made for my bodies realignment.

Teresa is a gift and I am so happy and inspired by meeting her and experiencing her great energy and yoga sessions.

Nita Taylor, Sri Lanka

May 2018

Inner Retreat” is an article published in AsiaSpa about a personalised retreat program including some private and group sessions with me

Stephanie Shiu, Hong Kong

May 2018


Thanks again Teresa for the great private session. My Ujjayi breathing is so much smoother, I have a better understanding of when to release and hold Mula Bandha, and the Psoas stretches you taught me are so useful. Don’t stop being a yoga teacher

Elliot Saxby, Brighton

December 2017


Strongly recommend Teresa as a coach- her style is patient and non-judgemental (practice what you preach eh?).

I met Teresa on a silent yoga retreat in 2015. Two classes was all it took to convince me that I was in good company. I approached her for a private lesson on breathing techniques. Probably the best decision in retrospect as I was able to learn about mindful breathing techniques which helped me build consciousness. of when my breath is shallow or getting away from me. Some techniques were easy to adopt in my lifestyle, others take more work to master.

Since then, practicing the techniques learned from Teresa, I have been able to:

1) Build mindfulness around my breath

2) Eliminate everyday disruptive habits (caffeine, nicotine)

3) Increase focus (better breathing = more oxygen in the brain

4) Be more “present” (better breathing = reduced anxiety = reduced mind wandering)”

Mateen Kirmani, Business Manager, Singapore 

July 2016


“Having experienced constant pain in my shoulders since I was a child, I was sceptical that the problem could ever be solved and had resigned myself to living with this pain.  Teresa is amazing, not only was she able to not only completely rid me of the pain but also improved my posture.  My shoulders now sit where they are meant to, I am pain free and standing tall, which has not only had the obvious effect physically but I also feel mentally and emotionally stronger.  I can’t recommend Teresa highly enough, to this day I am not sure how she did it but she did.  Thank you Teresa!”

Zsuzsanná Kocsis, 40, Perth, Australia. Entrepeneur

April 2016


“I took a private yoga class with Teresa to improve my precision and accuracy in my asana practice. Teresa has a great eye for detail and an intuitive understanding of the body. She was able to provide me with several small but significant changes to break me out of bad habits and bring me into better alignment. She described the sensations I should be feeling rather than telling me what to do with my body, which allowed me to feel my way into the asana and discover the positioning that was right for my own physical structure. I really feel like my practice and my own understanding of my body has really progressed thanks to Teresa!

The Pranayama workshop gave me an amazing insight into the way I breathe. The techniques were simple but really effective and Teresa blends modern science with ancient Eastern knowledge to give a really detailed understanding of how our breath works. I learned a lot and I would definitely recommend the workshop, especially to anyone who struggles with stress or depression.” 

Marianne Cassidy, 28, Dublin, Ireland. Writer, editor

April 2016


“I attended a pranayama workshop and discovered I’d been breathing incorrectly for most of my life. It was truly eye-opening to learn diaphragmatic breathing and the importance of it to our general well-being and how it can further our practice in yoga. Now I’m armed with techniques that can help me come back to the moment and reconnect with my breath not only in a challenging yoga class but in daily life situations.”

Alice Chan, 29, London, UK.  Digital Marketing Manager

April 2016


  “Thank you for the wonderful Pranayama Workshop!! It was very hepful”

Laura Inglin, 32, Luzern, Switzerland

March 2016


“Lovely to meet you. I loved loved loved your no nonsense yoga. Loved your yin and your yang, loved your light”

Mary Beth Bryant, Anaheim, USA. Owner and operator at Made on Earth

February 2016


“As a yoga instructor Teresa provides a very well-balance class, a class which embodies the fullness of the yoga practice. She is highly attuned to the level and needs of each student, and can easily adapt her course of action in the moment to create the best possible experience for the students. One of her biggest strengths in a keen focus on the fundamentals of yoga, beginning with the breath. She artfully instruct students through the essential elements of pranayama. She also provides detailed, yet inviting direction to ensure the alignment of each pose is emphasized. Finally, more than most yoga instructors, she integrates core throughout each and every pose. Teresa is genuine in her care for students and her passion for yoga!”

Beth Kreitl, Seattle, January 2016


“Thank you for an inspirational and thoughtful class”

Lina Öhlund, Stockholm, January 2016


“I’m new to yoga but practice regularly in London and had the pleasure of taking several classes with Teresa during a trip. I can say she is hands down the most brilliant tutor and yogi who gave us some practices we will never forget. She is an expert, very knowledgable and focused on what’s best for her individual students. Wish we could have you in London”

Safa Boga, London, December 2015


“From the first class I did with Teresa, it was very obvious how attentive and caring Teresa is to her students. As I suffer from back issues, Teresa immediately catered to my needs and went above and beyond in assisting me to find my own path to heal. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, passion and gift”

Ana Dabo, Melbourne, November 2015


“I came in the first day at the retreat and took her aftenoon class, oh boy, I was hooked!  She is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever came across with.  She was gentle and has a thoughtful approach to movement and alignment. She incorporates the perfect balance of stillness and calmness in her class.   I feel so renew and relax after coming out of the class feeling ready to take on the day.

I appreciate how she paces the class; she takes her time and does not rush to move from 1 position to another.  Her voice is very calming and her words are very wise.  Any Yoga studio will be lucky to have her.  She is an amazing teacher with so much compassion in life”

Rochelle Wong, Los Angeles, Nov 2015


“I enjoyed your yoga and meditation so much. You have such an amazing energy and I thoroughly enjoyed your style of instruction. I went to the retreat to relax and spend time on myself and to find a word to guide me through the next year.

I found the word in my first early morning meditation session I did with you. When you guided us to rub our hands together and rest our palms on our eyes, I saw a deep, magical blue and he word TRANQUILITY filled my mind.

Thank you so much.”

Myles Beaufort, Brisbane, Nov 2015


“Kovalam beach, South India. Here I met again Teresa  and I followed here daily yoga classes. She is a great teacher and provided me with very personalized feedback to improve my practice. Tere is a passionate girl, she loves live and cares about people. She never stops learning. Hope to meet you again soon. All the best!”

David Portabella, 39,Lausanne, Switzerland. IT

April 2015


“I have taken yoga classes all over the world and I must say Teresa is one of the best teachers I have ever met! Her practice is complete, she has a strong interest in each individual in the group and her passion for yoga is contagious. A great woman and an amazing professional, highly recommended!”

Sheila Zago, Brazil, April 2015


“Perfeccionista y apasionada en su trabajo, transmite en sus clases todo ese entusiasmo”

Noemí Piñera, Vilagarcía


“Después de diez años practicando yoga con otros profesores y dos de parón, una clase con Teresa me sirvió para recordar los beneficios físicos y mentales que reporta. La calma y quietud que impregnan sus clases y su propia actitud ante la vida son parte fundamental del éxito de sus clases. Desde entonces, sigo practicando!”

Angela Brianes, Vigo, marketing manager


“No sabía apenas nada sobre el yoga, desconocía su técnica al igual que los beneficios que puede aportar a las personas. Empezamos un sábado con ejercicios que no suponían casi esfuerzo, y así fue aumentando la dificultad con transigencia y didáctica en su método haciéndome descubrir músculos que no sabía ni que existían, y sobre todo, lo que me pareció más importante, como mediante el yoga era capaz de vaciar mi mente en ese tiempo de ejercicio y relajarla hasta el punto de partir de cero al terminar el día e irme para casa. Fue una gran y grata experiencia”

Cristina Irigoyen, Vilagarcía


“Muy recomendable si os estáis iniciando en este vicio llamado yoga, que fue mi caso. Tiene una paciencia infinita, transmite muy bien y consigue que no te frustres aunque no te salga todo a la perfección. Buena profesora y mejor persona”

Iria Buceta, El Puerto de Santamaría


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