Relax, Restore, Reconnect: Yin & Yang Embodiment. Svendborg, 9-10 June 2018

The biggest problem in our society is separation, inside and outside. We’re designed as a whole but we’ve been splitting everything, including ourselves for ages and it seems we don’t know how to reunite the pieces anymore.

Yoga means union. That inborn union speaks in silence, through the body, through sensations and intuitions we cannot tag or easily explain, and there’s no need. That’s why yoga is based on everyone’s own experience.

Learn exercises and techniques to guide you into getting this lost connection back. Find your “missing link” and discover the best way to restore it. Eliminate stress, anxiety and tiredness through cleansing breathing, relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra.


Join me in this very practical, playful and relaxing workshop.

It’s advisable to take both sessions although they can be taken separately.

– A Little More Yin: Expansion – In our daily lives we tend to be overactive and over-reactive. Generally this brings contraction to our lives. Learn some effective ways to expand and relax not only your body, but your frame, to see things from a different, more positive and wider angle. The session will use Hatha and Yin Yoga stretches and still postures in deep connection with breathing to finish with a restorative Yoga Nidra.

– Yin & Yang: In search of balance – Both energies are necessary and we will intertwine them to identify our needs and our best way of balancing them for a healthier living. The practice, suitable to everyone will include somatic movement, myofascia release and breathing among other techniques, always promoting a kind and conscious awareness to our body, mind and emotional answers.

SATURDAY 9TH – 2.30pm-5pm  “A Little More Yin: Expansion”

SUNDAY 10TH – 9.3apm-12pm “Yin & Yang: In Search of Balance”



Both workshops 650DKK / Early Bird only 500DKK

Each workshop individually 375DK/ Early Bird only 300DKK



EARLY BIRD ends 15 April 2018


Please email me or use the contact form below to reserve your spot and for questions.