*Private Sessions*

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Book a private session for exclusive and personalized advice

Teresa’s holistic approach will address every aspect of your needs: physical, mental and emotional. Using a combination of different techniques and a practical perspective, she will tailor a bespoke programme for you according to your personal possibilities in terms of time, lifestyle, health and other circumstances

The programme can be readjusted periodically

Please enquire for prices and more information



One on one ASANA ADJUSTMENT session:

Get the tips that will speed up your practice improvement in just one hour


One on one PRANAYAMA (Breathing techniques) session:

Explore the unique features of your own breath, understand it and its messages. Get corrections, suggestions and tips to reconnect body, mind and emotions through your personal practice on and off the yoga mat


One on one PERSONAL PRACTICE session:

Get the sequence of breath, body, relax and meditation exercises that suits your needs today to build your own yoga routine


One on one ASSISTED YIN session:

Get into effective stretches that will detox your body and remove stiffness in a different, effortless and safe way


Meditation and relaxation techniques:

Private sessions to just enjoy or to attain new tips to help you enhance your personal practice


Yoga Nidra:

Try the restorative effects of this powerful technique in which you just need to lie down and listen to Teresa’s instructions


Intuitive restorative massage:

Working from a traditional Ayurvedic or Balinese massage routine, focusing on target points where tension is held, experience the deep and long lasting relief that Teresa’s healing hands can provide you


Tantra-Tao Emotional Detox Bodywork:

This powerful combination of breath, massage techniques, acupressure and energy movement, allows you to access held emotions in your body and to release them


Myofascial release:

Experience the long lasting benefits of this useful and relieving technique using pressure on trigger points and slow paced movements


Energy Work:

Restore and balance your energy levels through relaxing and releasing techniques in which the individual’s self-involvement and empowerment is essential


Kshama counselling:

Patience, compassion, forbearance, tolerance and forgiveness drive Teresa’s intention to any consultation. Counselling sessions might involve a combination of different techniques, always adjusting to your uniqueness and present situation.