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Available for groups, corporate, workshops and retreats

Having trained in different traditions, Teresa will combine the appropriate techniques for the group aims and needs: from an absolute beginner level to postural correction. From a restorative and relaxation focused practice to a dynamic and advanced asana flow

Teresa emphasizes a mindful practice using breath to cultivate a focused introspective attitude and a gentle and careful approach in every single session

Every technique and style listed can be used separately or combined for classes

Workshops and retreats can be also tailored on demand

Please enquire for prices and more information 

Current and past workshops and events


Yoga Asanas (Postures):

Different styles: Hatha, Yin, Gentle Hatha, Power Yoga, Mindful Yoga, Restorative, Flow, Ashtanga

Different approaches: Alignment, practice improvement, stretching and relaxing

Suitable to all levels

Group sessions or workshops focused in aspects of the practice or a group of asanas

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques):

From exploring the features of your breath and getting tips to work with it on and off the yoga mat to advanced energy channelling techniques

Group sessions and workshops

Meditation Techniques:

Guided meditation sessions suitable for all levels of expertise

Workshops to help you grasp effective tips that allow you to build a personal practice

Yoga Nidra:

Try the restorative effects of this powerful technique in which you just need to lie down and listen to Teresa’s instructions

Group sessions

Relaxation Techniques:

Learn how to deeply relax your body and mind applying a wise combination of techniques and tips that you will be able to include in your daily routines


Myofascial Release:

Experience the long lasting benefits of this useful and relieving technique using pressure on trigger points and slow paced movements

Group sessions and workshops

Energy Balance:

Group sessions in which you can experience, balance and restore your own energy flow

Workshops to understand how to do it yourself through easy exercises