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My commitment to yoga happened by chance. It was a life changer

I was hooked after the very first class. I felt it completely different to any other physical exercise I’ve ever practiced before. Using the breath and focusing in developing awareness to reunite body, mind and emotions, really worked for me after years of working in a large company and living a pretty standard and stressful life

The many benefits and changes were so quick and meaningful that soon I deepened and diversified my practice, eager for further knowledge

I took my first teacher training course in Hatha Yoga in Spain and discovered my passion for sharing this up-to-date ancient wisdom. I started teaching

My second teacher training took me to Kerala (India), cradle of Ayurveda. I fell in love with the place and extended my stay for months teaching and soaking myself in meditation, Indian philosophy and Ayurvedic techniques, attaining a deeper understanding of yoga from a Western and Eastern perspective

Since then, I have been travelling the world teaching yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and yoga nidra in group classes, workshops and private yoga or therapy sessions. My sources are diverse and evolving, as I keep on adding to my practice the newest modern approaches and the most traditional yoga lineages, both dynamic and slow paced

My time in the corporate world has shown me the overwhelming need of those living in Western societies to reunite hearts and souls with bodies and minds, all of them exhausted by living with pressures and stresses of everyday life

My personal experience of struggling with the diagnosis of an early stage breast cancer and the aftermath of surgery has shown me how an appropriate yoga practice can radically boost the healing and recovery process

I am also trained as a Personal Trainer and other holistic disciplines, such as Reiki or different massage traditions, complement my practice. Using a mindful combination of these techniques, I aim to help students reconnect with themselves, remember how to observe and listen to their bodies and reactions, empowering them to make the changes they decide at their own pace with care and attention

For me, yoga is much more than just a philosophy or a physical discipline: it’s a way of life. Anyone can practice it at any time, any place and any stage of life. All it takes is commitment. Let me show you

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